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Learn Agile fast with our 12-week lesson plan designed for an Agile team member. We’ve hand selected the very best lessons from and crafted them into an easy to follow, guided path. Topics include: the basics of learning Agile, roles and expectations, team culture and more. Watch an Agile team in action as they walk through the Agile lifecycle activities from visioning, planning, writing stories, sizing, prioritizing, building a release plan and executing the key sprint/iteration meetings. Learn how to be a part of a high performing Agile team.


If you’re new to Agile, watch the lessons tagged as Beginner and Any. If you’re a seasoned Agilist, watch the lessons tagged as Intermediate, Advanced and Any. There’s no right or wrong way to learn, you can simply choose to follow the 12-week lesson plan from start to finish.

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Course Content

Week 1 - Overview of Agile & Scrum and Why Agile
Week 2 - Agile Team Roles and Expectations
Week 3 - Visioning
Week 4 - Team Level Release Planning & Cross-Team PI Planning
Week 5 - Story Writing, Backlog Prioritization and Refinement
Week 6 - Agile Estimating & Sizing
Week 7 - Iteration Execution & Ceremonies
Week 8 - Technical Agility
Week 9 - Team Metrics & Growth
Week 10 - Intro to Kanban
Week 11 - Agile Leadership and High Performance Culture
Week 12 - Effective Facilitation Skills
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