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The Senior Leader Learning Plan is a guided 10-week course that covers many topics including the basics of Agile and Scrum and the roles of an Agile team. Learn about key roles such as Agile Sponsors, Stakeholders, Executives and Leaders. Weeks 3-10 introduce you to our intermediate and advanced topics on Enterprise Business Agility. Here you’ll find guidance for leading & accelerating your journey. Learn about the critical pillars of an Enterprise Business Agility transformation, defining the elements needed as you consider your transformation design, and providing detailed, real-world, best practice examples from the trenches.

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Course Content

Week 1 - Overview of Agile & Scrum and Why Agile
Week 2 - Agile Team Roles and Expectations
Week 3 - Introduction to Business Agility
Week 4 - Leadership and Culture
Week 5 - Customer Seat at the Table
Week 6 - Lean Portfolio Management
Week 7 - Organization Structure and Design
Week 8 - Agile Business Teams
Week 9 - Make It Stick/Sustain
Week 10 - Technical Agility
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