5 Strategies to Mitigate Coronavirus Disruption and Keep Teams Performing


As a global business community, we’re being forced to limit travel due to the recent onset and spread of COVID-19. High-performing distributed teams (Agile and non-Agile) are the best way to sustain momentum. But how do you keep virtual teams performing at their highest levels?

Sally Elatta, founder and CEO of AgilityHealth®, presents five strategies you can immediately use to double-down on continuous improvement efforts. Learn how to enable effective engagement and accelerate virtual team maturity while avoiding disruption and loss of productivity.

Without overlooking the severity of the epidemic, Sally will share strategies for minimizing business impact and increasing continuous improvement, including:
1. Implementing virtual Big Room Retrospectives
2. Leveraging data to establish improvement plans
3. Enabling teams with self-learning resources
4. Training leaders to identify and remove obstacles to value delivery
5. Stabilizing teams with role-based training

Who should attend:
Transformation Executives, Senior Leaders, Enterprise Coaches leading enterprise transformations

“The ability of a continuous improvement program to help me engage my distributed teams and accelerate maturity virtually is very significant to me at this time.”
– CIO at a large financial institution and AgilityHealth customer


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