Agile Simulation – Part 19 Team Interruption During Iteration

Watch as the team gets interrupted during the middle of the Iteration and how the Scrum Master reacts! A Sponsor/VP walks in and has a ‘quick fix for a report’ she wants done. Since she needed this done quickly, Kellie, our ScrumMaster gently reminded her of the team rules and suggested finding another team or person who can complete the new story. Another popular approach is to add the item to the backlog and have the Product Owner prioritize it and decide when the team should pull it.

  • Khayyam Bayramov
    Posted at 00:31h, 30 September

    But what to do if the security guy or any other guy can’t help either?

    • Lexi Addams
      Posted at 12:14h, 05 October

      This is an excellent question! Ultimately, the decision is left to the Stakeholder to decide after the Scrum Master has exhausted all alternative resources. The Stakeholder may determine the new item is a higher priority than the previously agreed upon work and understand a story may not be complete as originally planned.

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