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Digital & Agile Skills

Earn a 20% referral bonus just by sharing your affiliate link.

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Supplement your income by reselling AgileVideos

Earn 20% Bonus

For every individual, team or enterprise purchase you refer to us using your link, you will receive a 20% bonus. You may earn another 10% renewal bonus.

Earn $10,000 - $50,000+ annually

By adding ‘products’ to your service offering and following our affiliate training program, you can earn $10,000 – $50,000+ per year. 

Scale Your Services

Supplement your training or coaching services with high quality on-demand videos created by trusted Agile practitioners and great user testimonials. 

Enterprise Ready

AgileVideos offers the largest dedicated library of on-demand videos to help scale Agile learning quickly and is perfect for learning from home. Learn more about the library

Program Benefits

Worry Free Payment

We’ll automatically credit your PayPal or bank account 30 days after each purchase or renewal.

Promote Immediately & Track Onine

We’ll provide you instant access to marketing materials to help you share your affiliate link with style! Login to your dashboard and track campaigns, referrals and payments.

Easily Serve Individuals, Teams or Entire Organizations

Your affiliate link can be used to buy an individual or team package. For larger referrals, you can submit a referral form to register an enterprise customer


AgileVideos proudly supports Digital & Agile learning in these organizations, and many more.

How It Works

Register Online

It’s free to join and only takes a few minutes. Our team will review your application in 24-48 hours. 


Once you’re an approved partner, we’ll schedule a short on-boarding call with you and show you how to access the dashboard and resources. 

Spread the Word!

Share your link to generate Individual or Team sales or register Enterprise referrals. We’ll help you build a business plan if you will be targeting enterprises or Government. 

Earn additional income

Enjoy your 20% bonus for each subscription purchased online – you can start earning in 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much in commissions can I earn?

As an example, you can earn:
Individual Subscriptions ($199) – Earn a $40 bonus
10 users (Team pack)  ($1,800) – Earn a $360 bonus
100 users (10 teams pack) ($17,000) – Earn a $3,400 bonus
500 users (portfolio pack)  ($50,000) – Earn $10,000 bonus
Enterprise Unlimited ($200,000) – Earn a $40,000 bonus

The earning potential is limitless.

How about AgilityHealth? Do you pay referral commissions for it?

Yes, as an affiliate, if your referred customers also buy AgilityHealth, you will receive 10% commission or 15% if the sale is over 250k. Read more about our AgilityHealth referral program here.

How do I qualify to be an Affiliate Partner?

  • You are an Agile Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Practitioner or Entrepreneur
  • You are looking to supplement your income and willing to put in the effort

Is there a fee to join?

Not at this time.

How do you track my referrals?

You will receive a unique referral link to be shared however you wish. Once someone clicks on your link and purchases AgileVideos, the referral will appear on your affiliate dashboard. We follow a 60 days cookie period.

Do I get commission for subscription renewals?

Yes! You’ll receive a 10% bonus each time the referred customer renews their yearly subscription IF you are an active affiliate (you have made a sale or approved referral in the last 3 months). This bonus is discretionary from our team. 

Can I earn commission if I buy packages to share with companies myself?

If it’s a Team or Enterprise subscription, you bet! Self-referrals for individual subscriptions are strictly prohibited. You will not receive credit when purchasing an individual subscription through your own affiliate link.

How does payment work?

You will receive payments via your PayPal or bank account, which you will link directly to our program once you’re registered and approved.

Will I get access to the full library as an affiliate?

Yes, for limited time only, you will receive FULL access the library once you are approved as an affiliate without paying anything upfront!

When will I receive my Affiliate Commissions?

We generate a payout report on 20th of every month to review all earned commissions. If the referred account has remained active for a minimum of 30 days, you will receive commission via PayPal.

Who is the right audience to refer to AgileVideos?

Individual and Team Sales:
Scrum Masters, Team Members, Managers, Agile Coaches

Enterprise Sales:
Agile Transformation & COE Leaders, Enterprise Coaches
Organizational learning & development leaders, HR & Talent Dev

How do refer an enterprise or Gov customer?

Please complete this Affiliate Referral Registration form and we’ll be in touch with you. If you just have questions you can email us at

How do you approve or deny commissions?

Online Sales: Any online sales from your affiliate link will usually be fully automated which includes your payment in 30 days after the sale. Only exception is if the customer requests a refund for any reason.

Enterprise Referrals: We reserve the right to approve or reject your affiliate referral on the following basis.

Approved: The referral is registered ahead of the introduction email. You followed it with a warm introduction to the right decision maker with authority to purchase the products. This meeting resulted in a sale.

Disapprove: A referral is not approved if there is a conflict with another affiliate or partner OR you are an employee of this company (conflict of interest) OR if it’s an existing customer.


What if I need technical support for AgileVideos?

Click the HELP button at the bottom right of this screen. You can also contact us at