Agile Simulation – Part 20 Conflict Management Using Team Norms

Agile Simulation – Part 20 Conflict Management Using Team Norms

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Our friend Lucas thinks the architecture needs to be ‘his way’ and is not listening to the rest of the team or taking their input into consideration. Watch the mini-team conflict then watch as the team brings up their previous discussion of their team norms to remind him of what they agreed upon for team based decision making.
Now don’t you wish it was that easy in the real world! Team norms need to be established from the start even though it might be a ‘journey’ fully implementing them.

  • Alphonsus Isibor
    Posted on February 23 at 12:11 am Reply

    I know these videos are condensed to highlight the key message but appears the lead developer here Lucas reluctantly accepted the solution but does not truly support it. The team norms do say we are in it together and should respect the opinions of others but I’d think in the real world, a more practical approach will be for the team to agree on a method for evaluating the solutions alternatives. The team weighs the pros/cons of each approach, perhaps using a scoring matrix to evaluate options and then ultimately arrive at a consensus solution. The key term here is “consensus” which means you don’t necessarily have to agree on the solution, but you agree on the approach for arriving at that solution and that you support it.



    • Kathy Rathbun
      Posted on February 25 at 10:55 pm Reply

      You’re absolutely right Al! Not all conflicts will be resolved this way and we actually advocate for using a method called Evaluation Criteria which is very similar to what you’re proposing. Here’s a resource you might find helpful – Conflict Management Growth Activities Thanks for your input!

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